• Image of 2015 O'Brien Spark Board - Demo
  • Image of 2015 O'Brien Spark Board - Demo

Ex Demo Wakeboard set up in very good condition.

133 Spark Board - £299
5-7 US Spark Bindings - £299

Ridden by Tarah Mikacich, the Spark rides a bit deeper in the water, allowing the rider to generate line tension effortlessly, maximizing the 3-stage pop at the wake. The Fusion core continues with the Spark, providing just a bit of flex for added snap when slashing, boosting & softening landings.
A triple concave hull through the midsection that transitions into defined channels exiting at the tips, provides unparallelled thrust to the wake. The variable rail has extra volume through the center for a more forgiving transition, while the unique, centrally located molded fins, provide exception balance and control while on edge. Tarah only accepts the best, shouldn't you?